It is the start of a new school year and as always I turn my attention to goal setting and thinking about what I would like to achieve in the year ahead but this year I am going to add another step to my usual process, one that we all as teachers often forget and overlook. This year before setting my goals I am going to take some time and appreciate what I achieved in 2014. I am going to recognize the professional growth that occurred and build on that. In the words of Greg Curran I am going to FUEL MY DRIVE FOR 2015. If you have not come across Greg’s podcast Pushing the Edge I highly recommend setting some time aside each week to have a listen.

“we often turn our attention to goal-setting, thinking what we’d like to achieve in the period ahead. Here’s another idea though. How about looking back and thinking what worked for you this year – this semester….? How about remembering when you soared – when you felt ‘in the zone’ – when you felt like you were bringing your A-Game, and being true to you. In so doing, you can compile a grab bag of practices, inspirations, and mindsets that FUEL YOUR DRIVE. And you can take those FUELS with you to power your DRIVE in the new year or new semester.”

For me 2014 was a year where I achieved all 3 of my goals. I was at my best when I drew upon the wealth of knowledge and passion within my PLN, I was bringing my A-Game when I contributed to the learning communities I was part of and finally the mindset that fueled my successes was:

“there are lane openers and lane closers which one do you want to be?”

I believe that in order to be the best that we can be, we must be prepared to grow both personally and professionally. To do this we must be willing to connect and be open to share and learn from those around us. My drive, my attitude, and my reason are all about the art and beauty of teaching and learning and embracing the moments that life presents us each day. There is no doubt being great educators requires hard work and a commitment to lifelong learning.

For 2015 I want to remain focused, avoid rushing into new challenges and develop each of my goals from 2014

2014 Goal 1: Establish a professional learning network.

2015 Goal 1: Contribute to, grow and develop my professional learning network.

2014 Goal 2: Increase movement opportunities for students in my class.

2015 Goal 2: Increase movement opportunities at a whole-school level.

2014 Goal 3: Provide structured PD to members of staff outside my faculty.

2015 Goal 3: Provide structured PD to colleagues outside of my school.

Good luck to everyone for the year ahead I hope it brings you what you seek to achieve. Take care.